Bathroom Vanities & Laundry Fit Outs

We're known primarily for our kitchens, but for most our clients we also create custom cabinetry for the laundry and bathroom. Using the same materials and handles from your kitchen is a great way to continue the same look and feel through out your home -  or if you have something different in mind we can help with that too.

Walk in wardrobes or custom shelving/cupboards

We can help you to utilise space efficiently in your wardrobe for maximum storage. We build custom designed walk in wardrobes, or simple free standing cupboards. We can also create custom shelves and cupboards for your home office, garage, boat shed - or any other needs you have for storage.

Childcare / Daycare Centres

We can custom build cabinetry for the age appropriate needs of the daycare centres This includes: Vanities, reception counters, kitchens, kitchenettes, staffroom facilities, laundries, nappy changing facilities. Hand wash/hygiene facilities.

Create Stunning offices and retail environments

The Montage team also creates a lot of shelving and custom storage solutions for commercial offices and retail stores. We create build custom reception counters, cupboards, shelves and other cabinets that not only looks good, but of high quality to last a long time and hold a lot of weight.

Flat Pack Kitchens & Cabinetry

We offer a custom design and cutting service for flat pack kitchens and cabinetry. We can work from your supplied files or design them for you.

Talk to us if you require custom flat pack cupboards / shelving - built with high quality materials (not like your average hardware store products) We offer full customisation of size, colour and handle options.

We can design and build the following storage solutions:

  • Bathroom vanities
  • Laundry cupboards & cabinets
  • Custom shelving (office, garage, boat shed – wherever)
  • Wardrobes – walk-in or freestanding
  • Reception counters
  • Retail Shelving
We can also build from your own custom designs or CAD files. 

Need custom storage solutions? Talk to the Montage team today!

We design and build beautiful cabinets and storage options for your home or office