Custom designed wardrobe storage

Create the perfect storage spaces with custom-made wardrobe design

Choose Montage Kitchens & Joinery for your custom designed wardrobe

At Montage Kitchens & Joinery, we go beyond the kitchen and bathroom to bring our signature craftsmanship and design expertise to your wardrobes. Transform your bedroom into a haven of style and organization with our bespoke custom-made wardrobes, which can be carefully tailored to match the aesthetics of your kitchen cabinets & handles.

Tailored to your space

No two spaces are alike, and neither are our wardrobes. We collaborate with you to understand your unique requirements, lifestyle, and preferences, designing wardrobes that maximize functionality while reflecting your individual taste.

Versatile Storage Solutions

Montage Kitchens & Joinery offers a wide range of organizers, shelving, drawers, and hangers to suit your specific needs. From efficient space utilization to customizable storage solutions, our wardrobes are designed to enhance your daily routine.

Expert Craftsmanship

With decades of experience in joinery, our skilled artisans bring unparalleled craftsmanship to every wardrobe project. Each wardrobe is meticulously crafted to the highest standards, ensuring durability, functionality, and timeless beauty.

Unified Design Aesthetics

Create a seamless and consistent design style throughout your home. Our expert craftsmen can ensure that your custom wardrobes perfectly match the style, finishes, and hardware of your kitchen and bathroom, resulting in a cohesive and sophisticated look.

Local Service, Personalized Attention

Montage Kitchens & Joinery is proud to serve the Waikato area. We aim to understand the unique preferences and needs of our clients to get the perfect wardrobe storage for your needs. Our team provides personalised attention and end-to-end support, from design consultation to installation.

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