Our process for new kitchen projects

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New Kitchen process

 The following information is intended to provide you with a clear understanding of our process and the requirements for getting your new kitchen installed. If you have questions at any stage, please ask!


This covers the basic design layout and materials/products brief. If you are building a new house bring in your house plan.  If it’s a new kitchen for an existing house bring in your plan or, alternatively we can have someone come to see you.  Have a think beforehand about what you want from your kitchen.  This will enable us to best work with you to understand your requirements and create the kitchen that you want.  We will give advice and guidance through the process.  If you require more in-depth consultation you may need to consider engaging an independent kitchen designer and bringing in completed plans to us.


You will receive a Quotation detailing inclusions and exclusions as well as a descriptive floor plan. If you are unsure about any details in your quote don’t hesitate to ask. Quotes are valid for 30 days due to ongoing price rises, so it is important to confirm acceptance ASAP.


To confirm your acceptance of the quote, sign 2nd copy of the quote form and return to us (retain your copy). This will activate your file.   A deposit of 50% of the total quoted cost is required at the plan sign-off stage.

Project Management:

We are happy to liaise with your sub trades or recommend suitable tradespeople, who will invoice you directly, not through us (no mark-up from us).  Be aware these estimates can vary, as it is not possible for them to envisage exactly what’s going on in your existing walls and your final  choices may also change as the project evolves.  If you would like us to coordinate the project we are happy to do so at an additional cost for time spent.


We can arrange access to appliances via our commercial accounts with suppliers. To gain the best benefit (no mark-up from us) you will need to pay them directly and arrange with them appropriate delivery date and delivery location.  If you have any warranty issues you must deal directly with the appliance supplier.

Site measure:

For a kitchen in a new house we will site measure prior to pre-plumb or pre-wire stage so we will need to be advised at the stage the windows go in.  We will mark out the kitchen on the floor; indicate where power-points need to be, or if any special framing is required for things such as range-hoods.  If the new kitchen is for an existing house we will meet and discuss on-site any points of concern, eg: plumbing, electrical & builders.


This needs to be completed prior to the plan being drawn. The specification will include information such as appliances, materials to be used, handles, flooring and any special requirements.  Your plans cannot be drawn until this information is supplied.


 These will be produced approximately 3 – 4 weeks prior to installation.  The plan along with the specifications will require signing off prior to going into production. This is to protect you as well as us and to ensure there are no misunderstandings or incorrect assumptions.  Plans are drawn as we interpret them and this may differ from your expectations or previous discussions with our or other consultants. It is easier to sort things out in the planning stage than after the kitchen is installed.   If you are unsure about anything in your plan, please ask. At this stage, a deposit of 50% of the quoted cost is required to secure production of your kitchen.


A kitchen usually goes into production 1 – 2 weeks prior to installation and is delivered and installed as soon as it is completed.


Usually installation takes ½ – 1 day; installation dates are mutually agreed prior to going into production and is usually just after painter.  This date is critical as install dates are hard to change as they affect many parties.  If the agreed date needs to change we need to know ASAP as we would need put the job on hold or store it. 

For Solid surface/Stone tops you need to allow up to 20 working days after the kitchen installation for these tops, as they must be templated and made after kitchen installation.  This could mean the kitchen would need to go in earlier (prior to painter).  You may require temporary tops if you can’t wait, if this is the case it will incur extra cost from ourselves and plumber, obviously if for an existing house this needs to be considered more in depth.  If specialty, lacquered or Arborform doors are specified the kitchen may go in without doors due to varying lead times which we have no control over.


50%  deposit is required on acceptance of quotation.

50% balance due before delivery.  & installation (our bank acc # is on invoice).  Sorry, we do not accept payment by credit card or eftpos. 


We pride ourselves on addressing maintenance issues under our warranty.  We have very few warranty issues due to the use of quality materials and hardware. 

Exclusions: It’s important to note that water damage/swelling is not covered by warranty, and neither is damage resulting from misuse and/or neglect.  Water damage/swelling is due to water entering substrate so it is important to keep it dry; this includes water sitting on top and bottom of doors & panels.  Top joins in laminate tops will open up if subjected to excess heat from things like frying pans, jug boiling over or even if a dark colour is exposed to extreme sunlight.  Once the join opens up water will get in to the substrate and it will swell, this is considered misuse and neglect, but if caught early can be made good relatively easily by resealing the join for a minimal charge.  Dents, chips or cracks that appear after install are not product failure but misuse.

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