We pride ourselves on addressing maintenance issues under our warranty.  We have very few warranty issues due to the use of quality materials and hardware.

Exclusions: It’s important to note that water damage/swelling is not covered by warranty, and neither is damage resulting from misuse and/or neglect.  Water damage/swelling is due to water entering substrate so it is important to keep it dry; this includes water sitting on top and bottom of doors & panels.  Top joins in laminate tops will open up if subjected to excess heat from things like frying pans, jug boiling over or even if a dark colour is exposed to extreme sunlight.  Once the join opens up water will get in to the substrate and it will swell, this is considered misuse and neglect, but if caught early can be made good relatively easily by resealing the join for a minimal charge.  Dents, chips or cracks that appear after install are not product failure but misuse.

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