Usually installation takes ½ – 1 day; installation dates are mutually agreed prior to going into production and is usually just after painter.  This date is critical as install dates are hard to change as they affect many parties.  If the agreed date needs to change we need to know ASAP as we would need put the job on hold or store it.

For Solid surface/Stone tops you need to allow up to 20 working days after the kitchen installation for these tops, as they must be templated and made after kitchen installation.  This could mean the kitchen would need to go in earlier (prior to painter).  You may require temporary tops if you can’t wait, if this is the case it will incur extra cost from ourselves and plumber, obviously if for an existing house this needs to be considered more in depth.  If specialty, lacquered or Arborform doors are specified the kitchen may go in without doors due to varying lead times which we have no control over.

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