Does Montage offer project management services?

We are happy to liaise with your sub trades or recommend suitable tradespeople, who will invoice you directly, not through us (no mark-up from us).  Be aware these estimates can vary, as it is not possible for them to envisage exactly what’s going on in your existing walls and your final  choices may also change […]

How do we get the best price on appliances?

We can arrange access to appliances via our commercial accounts with suppliers. To gain the best benefit (no mark-up from us) you will need to pay them directly and arrange with them appropriate delivery date and delivery location.  If you have any warranty issues you must deal directly with the appliance supplier.

Is there anything not covered by the warranty?

We pride ourselves on addressing maintenance issues under our warranty.  We have very few warranty issues due to the use of quality materials and hardware. Exclusions: It’s important to note that water damage/swelling is not covered by warranty, and neither is damage resulting from misuse and/or neglect.  Water damage/swelling is due to water entering substrate […]

How long will it take install my new kitchen?

Usually installation takes ½ – 1 day; installation dates are mutually agreed prior to going into production and is usually just after painter.  This date is critical as install dates are hard to change as they affect many parties.  If the agreed date needs to change we need to know ASAP as we would need […]

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